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  • Who is WeSpeakEnglish team?

    A group of Canadians who love to help Native English speakers find fun and help overseas learners practice speaking English at a very low cost.
  • How can a referrer involve?

    Find as more as possible native English speakers and let them join WeSpeakEngish as tutors.
  • How much commission can I earn?

    Your earning is based on how many chats your referral tutors make. You can get up tp CAD 0.5 from each successful chat. To get more commission, keep as many active tutors as you can. The rate is various according to different daily chat quantity ranges which all tutors under the your account make:
    Rate between 1~1,000: [CAD 0.5/each chat ]
    Rate between 1,001~5,000: [CAD 0.4/each chat ]
    Rate between 5,001~10,000: [CAD 0.3/each chat ]
    Rate over 10,000:[CAD 0.25/each chat ]
    For example, if the daily chat quantity is 12,000, the fee is $4,100.
  • How to redeem my rewards?

    Click withdraw in your account. The funds will go to the Paypal account that you designated in 1 week if your withdrawal request is approved. You can only redeem with an account balance above $50, that is, each redemption cannot be less than $50; the interval between two redemptions must be greater than 2 weeks.
  • Who are the prospective tutors?

    Retirees, Grade 12+ students.
  • What is the benefit for tutors?

    Find fun and be good for mental health-- explore exotic cultures, get respect from their partners; earn money--they can keep the money for themselves or donate to anyone they like.
  • What are the requirements for the tutors?

    1、Have a clear voice and his/her first language is English

    2、Have a smartphone

    3、Can access the internet and check email on a daily basis

    4、Sign up as a tutor and set availability

    5、Download and install a chat APP on a smartphone or tablet

  • How to ensure the tutors register under my account number?

    Make sure they input your account number when they sign up as a tutor. Sending the registration link that contains your account number is a good option.