Most partners from 5 English countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

Improve your speaking skills fast

Correct your errors with a specific explanation not normally given by your examiners

Practice speaking with a native speaker as your parent teaches you your language

Low cost that starts from $1.5, first tries are free


Partner from English countries

Improve speaking skills fast

Correct errors examiner never told you

Low cost that starts from $1.5

First tries are free

Practice English with a native Practice English with a native
Speaking English
Who will be your partner?

Native English speakers from US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Nice, patient, warmhearted seniors; energetic high school students.

Tina 5.0
Linda 5.0
Alex 5.0
Reuben 5.0
Lisa 5.0
Charles 5.0
William 5.0
Penny 5.0
Mia 5.0
Novia 5.0
Rebecca 5.0
Ken 5.0

how to start

how to chat

Once choose a tutor and pay that chat(s), you will receive an email notification that chat(s) created. Log in to your account to check your timetable. Your smartphone will receive a notification message 30 mins and 5 mins prior to the appointment starting. Open the En Chat around 5 mins before the chat starts and check your audio device functionality, then wait for your partner to enter the chatroom. During the chat, you can type a message to your partner if necessary. Each chat is allowed a maximum of 31 mins. After that time, the chatroom will be forced to close by the app.

end the chat

If you don’t like to chat with your partner you can quit without any penalty in 10 mins. Please quit respectfully. Don’t quit the chat if the chat has started for more than 10 mins, otherwise, your partner can report a complaint against you and the chat fee won’t be refunded. Write a review for each chat as detailed as possible. The review should contain but not limit these topics: tutor’s attitude, skills, helpfulness…

Choose a tutor

You can search for tutors on the tutor list. If you want to choose the tutor with who you have chatted before, you can find your previous partner in the chat list in your account. Click the tutor name then check his/her availability.


We build this bridge to connect the tutors and the learners. Hope everyone could enjoy chatting with your partner but we are not responsible for the chat content which may cause any unexpected results such as offending language or fraud… If you happen to meet a disrespectful partner or do not feel comfortable with the chatting, you can directly tell your partner your thoughts or quit the conversation and report it to us. Any topic related to money transferring or your private information disclosure must be precautioned. Your partner never has chance to know your email from our website or app unless you disclose it.

We Speak English Network is founded by a group of caring Canadians to help native English speakers and overseas young people to set up a fabulous connection, help the participants find more fun, and help young people improve their English at a very low cost. Whether our platform survives or not depends on how many users support us. As a not-for-profit organization, we cannot afford expensive advertisements for promotion. If you like us, feel free to reach out or tell your friends to join us as a learner. Your support would encourage us to go further.